Make Your Own Magic with Amanda Lovelace

Make Your Own Magic with Amanda Lovelace


I'm joined today by author and poet Amanda Lovelace to chat about their newest work, Make Your Own Magic. We have such a fun talk about beginner magic, re-finding yourself as an advanced practitioner, the importance of journaling and simple daily practices, and more!

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Drawing from amanda’s years of practical experience, this interactive beginner’s guide shows that magic doesn’t have to be fancy, time-consuming, or one-size-fits-all. MAKE YOUR OWN MAGIC introduces the tenets of witchcraft so that you can develop your own practice and relationship with magic in whatever way works for you. With simple explanations, twenty all-new inspiring poems, words of encouragement, magical journaling prompts, and more, this book sweeps away the gatekeeping and offers you the tools needed to begin building a strong, long-lasting practice focused on self-love. 


amanda lovelace (she/they) is the author of several bestselling poetry titles, including her celebrated “women are some kind of magic” series as well as her “you are your own fairy tale” trilogy. they are also the co-creator of the believe in your own magic oracle deck & the cozy witch tarot deck, & they are now the author of their very first witchcraft book, make your own magic. when she isn’t reading, writing, or drinking a much-needed cup of coffee, you can find her casting spells from her home in a (very) small town on the jersey shore, where she resides with her poet-spouse & their three cats.

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