Awakening the Witch Blood with Nathan King

Awakening the Witch Blood with Nathan King


I'm joined today by debut author Nathan King to chat about Awakening the Witch Blood. We chat all about the European folklore and mythology that relates to the practice of traditional witchcraft and how you can awaken your own Witchblood in your magical practice.

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Nathan King is a Michigan based Witch, Occultist, psychic and High Priest (Minos) of the Minoan Brotherhood Tradition. He spent a good deal of his magical life being trained in historic Salem, Massachusetts. He has been featured on SYFY and Travel Channel during his time in witch-city, and has worked with several shops and events within his field. Nathan is also a practitioner of Folkloric Witchcraft and carries a deep passion for spiritual contact and pagan spirituality as a living art form. Nathan is an active ritualist and workshop lecturer at several events throughout the Midwest as well as being a theater enthusiast and animal lover. 

Nathan’s debut book is Awakening the Witch Blood which will be released late in 2024. For more information about Nathan and his other magical work, visit his website at

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